Working with Lynsey has changed our lives, and that isn’t hyperbole! We signed up as a last resort, after over a year of broken sleep, peaking at hourly wake ups and getting up for the day at 4.30am, with naps only in a moving Pram. We figured we had nothing to lose as she couldn’t make things worse! In fact, she made them better than we ever dared hope. Our baby has slept through the night since night 2 of the plan (one month and counting). He naps in his cot (or travel cot, wherever he is!) which he had NEVER done before. Lynsey is so warm, knowledgeable and supportive. She replied to all emails really promptly with such encouragement, and gave us confidence in our parenting abilities. I feel I should stress, the process really wasn’t traumatic at all, for either us or the baby, as I had feared it might be. We didn’t leave him until he was ready – and he clearly sends us away now so he can fall asleep! We are all so much happier. This was the best thing we have done for our family. Thank you, Lynsey! 15th December 2019