For those of you reading the reviews for reassurance on whether to enlist Lynsey’s services; do it, it is the best thing we have done and it has drastically improved the happiness of our little one, and brought the fun back into our relationship. We now get between 10-11 hours sleep a night, instead of 2! However, I have to admit that when might wife said she was paying for a sleep consultant, I was about as sceptical as you would be if someone said it was “DFS’ last sofa sale”. I thought it would be a waste of money and that babies were babies – some were just bad sleepers. I was wrong, so wrong in fact, that I couldn’t even find a funny analogy for how wrong – perhaps whoever though the whole President Trump thing was a good idea. What Lynsey did was small subtle changes, done in the correct order at the right time. It didn’t feel like anything major and our little one certainly didn’t seem to care, but the effect was profound. She sleeps!! We now have evenings catching up on box-sets with a glass of wine, knowing we won’t need to feed till 6am earliest. We can relax knowing we get a good few hours back to tidy up from the day time. And, importantly, we get time back as a couple to have our own cuddles again. Lynsey is a superstar. (5th August 2019)