My 7 month old son Jacob can now sleep through the night not just 5/6 hours but 12 hours straight, in his own bedroom, without us rocking, nursing or praying for him to go to sleep and stay asleep! He also naps in there twice a day. This is all down to Lynsey.

Before the sleep training started Jacob would not be put in his cot awake, co-slept and woke every two hours to be nursed back to sleep. He only napped if he was pushed in his pram and woke if the pram stopped moving or I made a noise! He had never self settled…ever! I was absolutely at breaking point and could not cope, this situation was seriously impacting my wellbeing. I had read all the books, spoken to everyone etc etc. I did not know what to do.

I needed someone to tell me exactly what to do and Lynsey did this and supported us throughout the two weeks of training. On the first day I was still doubtful. I still thought my baby is different, his challenges too much (allergies, reflux etc), his sleep habits too engrained, but his first nap he slept 2.5hrs longer than ever before. By night 3 he slept 9 hrs straight and then kept improving until night 10 when he slept 12 hrs straight! We were overjoyed and had a champagne breakfast!

Yes there were some tears along the way and sometimes still are but we are all happier and healthier for it . We would have never have got here without Lynsey, I needed one to one advice and instruction as we wouldn’t have had faith it was possible without her.

If you are also struggling, this is something well worth trying!” (Sept 24th 2017)