Jenny CB

“Having heard horror stories from other parents, I was very reluctant about using a sleep consultant… Lynsey came as a personal recommendation and the fact that I was getting desperate made me take that first step. My son has never been a good sleeper since he was born so we have had him in our bed since he was little. As he grew older, his sleep got worse (woke up constantly throughout the night) and can only fall asleep by tugging my hair, which was kind of cute at first until he got strong and I was losing my hair in chunks… Lynsey was thorough in gathering information to ensure the plan works for both the child and the parents. She managed our expectations well so we knew what was going to happen and how to deal with the situation when it happened. Within a week of our sleep training course, there was a markable difference in my son’s sleeping behaviour! We no longer needed to get up multiple times a night and we can actually enjoy the evening as a couple, oh and most importantly, he is happily sleeping by himself in a different room. My husband said he couldn’t understand why we waited for 16 months to do this… If you are sleep deprived or losing hair like I was, don’t wait, just give Lynsey a shout!!!” (24th December 2019)