Kathryn F

We contacted Lynsey for help with our 10 month old. He struggled to go to sleep by himself and when he did drop off, it wasn’t long before he’d be very restless and wake again. This cycle would often repeat numerous times before he finally settled down for the night. By 2-3am he’d be awake again and the only thing that worked initially was to co-sleep we us (something we’d said we’d never do, but needs must!). As he was getting older, this just wasn’t practical as none of us were getting the sleep we all needed. He was also a chronic short napper and relied on a dummy to go to sleep and this was another issue we wanted to address. After completing the plan with Lynsey he can now happily sleep independently and through the night. He has a much more predictable routine & sleep pattern – the transformation was incredible! We saw significant results after the first night most especially, saying “bye bye” to the dummy! We can’t thank Lynsey enough. We have our evenings back and enjoy a good nights sleep 👍 If you’re considering seeking help from Lynsey my advice would be “do not hesitate”. The support we received was fantastic – professional whilst personable. The steps we needed to take were clear and straightforward, we now have a much happier baby and can’t ask for more. Thank you Lynsey! 😀 (30th April 2020