We have just finished a course with Lynsey and it has been nothing short of life changing. Our son would awake at least 4/5 times a night to feed as he was too tired to fall asleep on his own. No matter what we tried he would not settle until he was fed, no other type of soothing would work.
It got to the point where Finn was having well over the quantity of milk he should have been having but we had no idea what to do instead of the night feeds.
Lynsey explained that Finn was using the night feeds and other props to fall asleep and gave us the skills needed to break this habit and set up a soothing bedtime routine. Within a few nights he was sleeping from roughly 7pm-5am. A huge improvement!
Since he has been getting the sleep he so desperately needed he has come along leaps and bounds. After a few days he was noticeably more alert, active and picking up new skills with ease. And as parents who now get to sleep we can now keep up with him.
Thank you so much Lynsey for your help and support. We will be certain to recommend you to our friends and family xx (20th February 2018).