Lucy P

I hadn’t had a full nights sleep for 11months, my son (second child) Oliver was the most inconsistent baby you could imagine- the opposite to his big sister & I got to the point where I was exhausted both physically & mentally, he could barely be left with anyone other than me or his dad because he was always out of sorts & very clingy…then we started his sleep training, without a doubt the best thing I have ever done, it has transformed all of our lives, relationships & most importantly Oliver! I am frustrated we didn’t do this early! I think especially when you are a second, third, forth, etc time mum you think ‘you know what your doing’ but each child is different & I wasn’t ashamed to admit I needed help! Lynsey has been amazing!!!! From waking a minimum of 3 times a night for feeds & the rest & having rubbish naps he consistently sleeps a solid 12hours at night & naps for 3hours a day. (31st July 2018)