We contacted Lynsey about our troublesome 8 month old who still woke three times a night to feed and only ever had 30 minute cat naps throughout the day! We needed to do something but I did not have the energy! Lynsey was so supportive and honest about possible challenges or set backs along the way which meant we went into our two weeks feeling well informed and prepared for anything Toby would throw at us! Well, he slept through from the 3rd night – 11 hours!!!! And from day one, had 2 hour naps!! We couldn’t believe how quickly things changed. Toby was happier and more content and began to really get into weaning which had been slow and fractious from the start. The whole household is now well rested and I can enjoy the rest of my maternity leave with both my boys without feeling like a zombie! This was the best thing we could have done for Toby and our family and Lynsey was so lovely. What I liked about Lynsey’s ‘programme’ is that it is bespoke to your child and instead of being a ‘sleep training’ approach is more about giving your child the opportunity to find their own way to sleep and it works!!! And quickly!! Thank you so much Lynsey xx” (31st May 2019)