“If you are exhausted and have a baby who is not sleeping and you want a gentle, supportive way to help your baby to learn to sleep, then please contact Flutterby. Having been completely sleep deprived for almost a year and coming out the other side, I want everyone to know how much better it can be. I have just finished a course with flutterby sleep consultancy and it has benefited every aspect of our family life. my twin girls are 10 months and both my husband and I were getting about 4 hours sleep a night. After 10 months of little and broken sleep we had finally reached our limit. Family life just wasn’t that enjoyable, we were just surviving to get through each day. Evening times were stressful and bed times were dragged out for hours as I would run up and down the stairs to breastfeed a baby, put a dummy in or rock to sleep. That first night of the programme, was amazing, the girls went to sleep without much fuss. No dummies, no feeding to sleep, no white noise, no rocking back to sleep every 20mins. We have are evenings back. We are relaxed. I enjoy spending time with my babies and 3 year old, I have energy for them. Lynsey has given us the tools to support our babies to be happy and content in their cots. Lynsey has been so supportive during this whole process, a real life line. She really is a sleep guru and our entire family can’t thank her enough.” (13th October 2018)