I came across Lynsey’s page after spending another evening searching google desperately for help with getting my baby to sleep! I was at my Whitt’s end! My 9 month old was waking hourly all night long , sometimes 2/3 times an hour! Had a dummy constantly and was still having at least 2 milk feeds a night. After contacting Lynsey , we spent a good 45 minutes talking about my expectations and to hear someone tell me it didn’t have to be like this was music to my ears – although I was still super skeptical! I read the reviews on this page, and actually thought no way! They can’t be real! But now I’m on the other side-they really are! I won’t say it’s easy because it’s not but it’s most definitely worth it! I’ve now got a baby who has proper naps in the day, no dummy , no night time feeds and sleeps all night long!! I really feel like I’ve got my life back and can spend some well needed time with my 7 year old. Lynsey is honestly a miracle worker, so supportive and really gets it! Emails calls and texts regularly, she couldn’t have come at a better time and I’ll be forever greatful for her help and support! (13th May 2019)