When we first contacted Lynsey our little girl (then 5.5 months) was waking 3-4 x per night and I was exhausted. She had a very strong feed to sleep association and her napping was terrible/non-existent. I was so tired, I was stuck in a cycle of just getting through every day, too tired to research or change anything. Then I contacted Lynsey. From the first phone call, I just knew she would be able to help us as she was ‘my type of person.’ Our little girl needed to learn some independent sleep skills and Lynsey set up a very thorough and logical plan to get us there. We felt fully supported through the process and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Since embarking on the plan, we only feed our daughter once in the night (which was the aim,) we put her down for all sleeps awake and her naps have improved too! I thought I had a happy baby before but she has come on leaps and bounds now she is getting the sleep she needs. We’ve had a few challenges since making our sleep changes such as a cold and also dropping the afternoon nap but Lynsey has been really supportive and helped us get back on track. Could not recommend Lynsey enough. (25/01/19)