5 most common questions I’m asked about surviving heatwaves as a baby sleep consultant



It is lovely that the sunshine is finally here, and we can get outside more.

It can make it a challenge for us parents to maintain great sleep and keep little one’s from overheating.


With that in mind, I have created some information for you from the 5 most common questions as a sleep coach that I’m asked by families when the hot weather is with us.



  1. What is the best way to keep rooms cool for babies?


When your nursey is not in use… open the blinds, windows and doors to get some fresh air circulating and keep the room as close to the correct temperature as you can as advised by the experts on safe sleep. (16-20 degrees).

If the sun is directly on a window this can add to the heat in the room. You can close the windows and draw the curtains to block the heat being retained through the day, and try a fan to circulate the air in the room 30-minutes prior to a sleep.


It is an option to use a fan in your child’s room during your child sleeps. Ensure it is not pointing at them or within reach of them from the cot.

*Don’t worry about fans disrupting sleep. It act’s as white noise … but you can always sneak in and turn it off once asleep and the temperature has dropped a little if you don’t want it on for long.


If you don’t have a fan, wait until your little one is asleep and then crack the door open to allow free flow of air,  or leave it open whilst going to sleep and then close it once they are asleep and the temperature has dropped.



2. Any tips for keeping my baby hydrated?


If under 6 months of age, continue with your chosen method of feeding but allow for extra feeds to quench thirst.

You can make breast milk ice-lollies or formula lollies for you to hold and them to lick too. Super cooling!


Consider making extra ounces of artificial milk to account for thirst also.

With breast feeding, your milk adjusts to provide the correct hydration on that day, so no need to add water into their diets.


For over 6-month-olds have lots of fresh water available and refreshing fruit like melon, strawberries and cut grapes from the fridge. Yummy.


  1. How do I keep my little one cool, and what should they sleep in?


Dress according to temperature for sleep: choose a light weight 0.5 or less tog cotton travel sleep bag if you want to continue to use a sleep bag, or if the room is very hot, just go with a nappy and vest or just a nappy. Get my “dress for success for every season” freebie here. (As well as all my samples schedules by ages).



Have some fun with water play in the day … a paddling pool, garden sprinklers (make sure you empty any old extremely hot water out first), home-made splash parks and of course a lovely bath before bed (at a slightly lower temperature to normal to help cool down).


After a cooler bath, offer a sip of cold drink or wiping them with a cool damp cloth after your bedtime routine for comfort.



4. How do I maintain the sleep lengths my child is used to?


Keep using your blackout blinds whilst sleeping is taking place to avoid waking due to that early sunrise and bright sunny days.

If you have more windows open and you’re worried about noises waking them, try some white noise to protect their sleep from being disturbed.



  1. What’s the best way to stay safe when temperatures are high?


For under 6-month-olds keep them out of direct sunlight completely.

Avoid placing blankets over your travel systems when going for walks as it leads to overheating. Allow for air flow around your little one to stop them getting too hot by using parasols or shades.

For toddlers:

  • Aim to keep older children shaded when possible
  • Wear sun-cream
  • Use sun hats
  • Stick to the shade between 11am and 3pm.


When using cars, use window screens when travelling to keep your little shaded, and either windows open or air conditioning to avoid overheating. Choose to travel at the cooler times of the day and again, avoid those peak times.


I hope that helps you enjoy the weather and stay safe and well rested.


Still struggling with sleep in general? … Reach out and see what is possible for you working with a sleep coach.


Lynsey x

Flutterby Sleep Consultancy