Want sleep? Tired of being tired? It doesn't have to be this way. Press the "Read more" button below to find out what I can help you with and how!


You have come to the right place. You are not alone.


I work with parents like you, who are tired, frustrated and overwhelmed by their little one’s sleep. Their current situation is not working for them or their baby, nor is it sustainable … you want a roadmap out.


The problem is when you are exhausted, it’s hard to know what, when and how to adjust things to improve sleep. As a parent I understand time is precious and you want to maximise your time and energy to be the best you can be.


Together, we transform your little one’s sleep, so you can go from sleep deprived and shattered to feeling relaxed, rested and rejuvenated. You can all get the sleep you need to enjoy family life together.


How can I help you?


Are you:


  • Dealing with “bedtime battles,” and, or, multiple night wakes?


  • Exasperated by persistent short naps, or a reliance on motion naps?


  • Feeling trapped because they will only sleep on top of you?


  • Are you dreading each bedtime or night because sleep is so unpredictable?


  • Desperate for a good night’s sleep?


  • Confused about what to try first, or next.


  •  Are your current methods taking longer and longer to work and your baby getting grumpier?


  • Lacking confidence about what’s best for you and your baby?


  • Worried about how you are going to juggle work with the current pattern of sleep?


  • Becoming anxious about how your baby will get to sleep when you are at work?


  • Missing sharing a bed with your partner?



Do you feel:



  • Helpless? 


  • Emotional?


  • Like you are walking around in a fog, only “surviving” day to day?


  • You are losing control, and you can’t cope with the intricacies of life? 


  • It is negatively affecting your health, wellbeing and relationships because the sleep deprivation is all consuming.



If so … book a free call with me to see if I can help you.



What would it feel like to no longer rely on feeding or holding your baby to sleep. To not have to replace the dummy what feels like hundreds of times a night?


To never have to make the slow risky transfer into the cot asleep and need the stealth mission out of the room to avoid a wake-up?



How amazing would it feel:


  • If you had the tools and confidence to create a relaxing, simple pre-sleep routine, and had predictable days with consistent naps?


  • If you could put your baby down at a civilised time in their cot, in their own room? 


  • To be able to give them a kiss and say “it’s sleepy time?”


  • To watch as they drift off contently, and sleep through the night for 10-12 hours, or nap in their cots, happily, consistently and predictably?


  • If your baby got their specific amount of sleep to wake happy and rested?


  • If they woke with energy, curiosity, and the attention span to engage with you and the outside world?


  • For them to get the sleep they need to learn, grow and develop to their full potential?


  • If you opened up more time, energy and freedom to juggle modern parenthood … whilst simultaneously maximising your own health and happiness?


  • To have the time and enthusiasm to build back up relationships that have been demoted since becoming a parent?


  • To feel like “you” again. To have the vitality to enjoy awake times together fully as a family, as well as having the confidence to book holidays again, because you have trust in their ability to sleep well.


  • To return to work rested and with your brain functioning effectively from a great night sleep.


This sounds extraordinary and far-fetched, but it happens every day with the right guidance and support. 


Want to learn more? Let’s talk. Make the first step towards better sleep by booking a free 15-minute call with me today.


Partnering with a sleep coach enables you to go from exhausted, overwhelmed, and despondent, feeling like you’re doing your baby a disservice  … to rested, relaxed and revived, knowing that you are providing the best foundation for their life.


When I helped our little one learn to sleep independently, I felt like I transformed from dragging my sleep deprived heels around like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh …to standing proud like my childhood heroine She-Ra.  


Life feels more snuggly, colours become more vivid, your hearing relaxes as you are not on “high alert” all the time, and you have time to take in beautiful smells and savour your favourite foods again.



Past clients say: 


“Seeing the development your little baby can achieve in such a short space of time is truly mind blowing.” Conor.


“Nighttime is no longer something we dread.” Philippa


“Life changing after the first night.” Danielle


“No upset at all at bed or nap times. Thank you thank you thank you. I am just so glad we took the plunge.” Jenni


“We are all happier and healthier for it.” Helen


“It has transformed all of our lives, relationships & most importantly Oliver! Lucy


“We now have FULL NIGHTS SLEEP each night and that is priceless!! We now have a happy little baby as well as a rested and happy mummy, daddy and big sister.” Donna


“It’s no exaggeration to say that our lives have been transformed.” Ed


“It has benefited every aspect of our family life. We have our evenings back. We are relaxed. I enjoy spending time with my babies. I have energy for them.” Sheikha


 It has changed our lives and our experience of parenting. Debbie



Make this your reality. Contact me to arrange your free, no obligation call to learn more about how I can help you.



I understand how difficult it is as a parent. I make no judgement of other families when we speak, because I had similar struggles, and did most of the things you do to enable your baby to sleep. 


Some of you are so attentive to your babies and have such ingenuity that you have created ways to get your baby to sleep that I never imagined. You have navigated sleep deprivation better than I, and have survived much longer than I with poor sleep. I am in awe some days. 


There is no need to work so hard, or for it be as difficult as it is. It doesn’t have to be this way.


This is why I work with families. I provide education around sleep so you understand the changes required. A step-by-step plan to achieve your goals and the individualised intensive support to bring you success. 



Why am I so confident in my ability to help your family?


  • The methods I use work. Each plan is tailored to your individual needs and the intricacies of your unique child, but the foundations are based on tried and tested methods. They have been used by over 100,000 families and my results speak for themselves as you can read from the reviews I receive.


  • I have been trained by the creator of the method in America and have undergone her mentorship to become a certified consultant. 


  • I have spent years working with families and refining my skills so I can support you to get the quickest results possible, avoiding the “potholes” families regularly fall into when working alone. This eliminates unnecessary upset for your family.


  • I use over a decade of midwifery experience to help inform the safe sleep aspect of your plans as well as information on placing and maintaining or improving milk feeds whilst developing independent sleep. 


How do you get started? 


Message me to book a no obligation free call so I can learn about you and your family. 


What’s included in your customised sleep solution:


1.If you hire me after your free 15-minute call. I learn all about your personal sleep situation and your specific child when you complete my sleep questionnaire. I use your responses to create an individualised plan on how you can transform each area of sleep.


2.I create your plan and we discuss it virtually. I give you information about sleep, discuss what changes I’m suggesting and why, and step-by-step guidance for bedtime, night wakes, early morning wakes, nap times and short naps. This gives clarity and confidence going into night one, and a clear path to follow to pave the way to results.

If you are requiring a night feed to be kept in, and some babies do need this. I factor this into the plan, so you know exactly what to do for feed wakes and none-feed wakes. This avoids confusion for your baby and leads to much longer stretches of sleep in the night, whilst also maintaining ample weight gain. 


3.I support you whilst you implement your plan. Firstly whilst your little one learns how to sleep independently, and secondly whilst you gain confidence in maintaining these amazing new skills. This is the key to long term success! 

-You have unlimited queries throughout our time together, so if a question pops into your head you can ask. No more guesswork! 

-I analyse your sleep log and look for trends to inform small adjustments required to speed up results. All children respond differently to making changes with their sleep. A book cannot respond to your individual child and adapt your plan to their individual needs. I do.

-We have follow-up phone calls for you to discuss progress, ask questions, and to talk through typical expectations at each point. I’ve got you!


4.Once you are enjoying a good night’s sleep. I give you information on how to maintain the amazing sleep skills when navigating times where sleep can be tested: 


-Upcoming nap transitions 






-Starting nursery


-Moving to a big kid bed



If you choose to hire me, I invest my time and energy into making your dreams a reality. I have complete faith in your child’s ability to be able to sleep independently, easily, and well. 


I only take on a certain number of clients so I can give you the support you require. If you need more I offer it. If you are following your plan, but your little one needs more time, I understand everyone learns at different paces … there is add on support available.


If there’s a delay in progress, I’ll talk it through with you and investigate why. We figure it out and make adjustments so you reach your goals.


I’m open and honest with who I take on as clients, ensuring you are a good fit for me, just as you do with me. I want the amazing results for you, because I remember the difference it made to our lives, and I see daily, the impact it makes to the families I work with, but I have to know you are committed. 


If you are ready to prioritise sleep, implement advice and make positive improvements in your little ones sleep … I can help you transform your child’s sleep.



I understand this is a big decision, nothing is more precious than your child. I get that … I’m a parent too. The methods I use are simple, yet effective, but you need to trust me to follow your plan. 


My past client reviews qualify the value of working with me far better than I. They have all been in your shoes wondering if what you want is possible. 



It is.



“A friend recommended Lynsey and our first phone call Lynsey said “Orla will nap longer and sleep through the night” after a secret giggle thinking that this will NEVER happen, we decided to give it a go – WOW. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner!!! Jay.


“All I can say is she is an angel!! We read far too many books and programmes that have not made any difference, but she had our daughter sleeping through the night in 3 days! Our lives have been transformed and without any pain or suffering! Thank you so much for your calm, efficient and very caring service.” Bryony.


“When we asked Lynsey for help with our son Spencer we were at the end of our tether. He was 20 months old and still screaming the house down for hours through the night. Bad night after bad night meant we were also struggling to cope at work. Lynsey has been amazing, supportive, and ultimately changed everything for us. Spencer was a tough nut to crack but she never gave up and with her help neither did we!! Kim. 


“All I can say is I am so glad I took that leap of faith-Lynsey made me feel so reassured and I began to see HUGE changes in Aiyla even from Night one.” Shakeela.


“Lynsey has the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth, communications have been so easy! The best thing we have done for both ourselves and our daughter has been to put our trust in flutterby sleep consultancy, our quality of life has improved dramatically now our daughter has learned to sleep! I can’t give a big enough heartfelt thanks to Lynsey for all of her guidance and understanding. For anyone who is struggling – this is the answer!” Stephanie.


“We couldn’t have done it without you Lynsey, thank you. Trust in Lynsey and her training plan and you won’t regret it.” Jess.


“Working with Lynsey has changed our lives, and that isn’t hyperbole! We signed up as a last resort. We figured we had nothing to lose as she couldn’t make things worse! In fact, she made them better than we ever dared hope.” Abbie.


“It’s been nine months since we used your service. We didn’t leave a review at the time but we often say that calling you was the best thing we ever did.” Debbie.



Want to know more? Have questions?


Here’s what to do next:


Take the first step to better sleep by contacting me for a free no-obligation 15-minute call. I can learn about your little one, see if I can help. This gives you the opportunity to see if I’m a good fit for your family before you think about investing.


Don’t wait another minute to put you and your baby on the path to health and happiness. This could be THE best parenting decision you make… ever.



  1. Press the “contact me” button and send me a message
  2. Text me on 07814237869
  3. Email me at lynsey@flutterbysleepconsultancy.com

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    Choose A Package

    Bespoke plans for your individual child

    Your success doesn’t just come from your individual plan, it’s from the detailed, personalised follow up you receive during the change.

    I work alongside your wishes, and I meet your baby where they’re at. If you’re taking a gentler approach, navigating a sleep transition during our time working together, or your baby is taking longer to fully grasp the skills … that’s ok. I have absolute faith in your baby and will support you for longer until you do too.

    This support was the key to being awarded a winner in the LUXE Life Parent and Baby Awards 2019.

    • Gift of Sleep

      • 5-12 month
      • £410
      • A free preliminary evaluation
      • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
      • Daily reviews of your sleep logs over two weeks with advice if required to encourage quicker progress
      • Four support calls to use over the package
      • Unlimited email queries during the two week package
      • Guidance documents to maintain your child’s independent sleep after we have finished
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    • Gift of Sleep PLUS

      • 12 months +
      • £450
      • A free preliminary evaluation
      • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
      • Daily reviews of your sleep logs over 3 weeks with advice if required to encourage quicker progress
      • Four support calls to use over the package
      • Unlimited email queries during the three week package
      • Guidance documents to maintain your child’s independent sleep after we have finished
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    Most families find my 2-3 weeks of phone and email support work perfectly to transform your littles sleep and that’s why the “gift of sleep” options are my two most popular packages.

    Other people find that first night of making changes daunting, preferring the reassurance of having me in person for guidance in real time by my “Hold my hand” packages with half or whole night support provided. See our Services page of the website for more information about these.

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