Welcome to Flutterby Sleep Consultancy. Hi, I’m Lynsey, a child sleep consultant who helps sleep deprived families to get their children sleeping through the night and napping well in the day, to bring some sanity back into the household. Want to know how I can help you? Press the "Read more" button below ...

Does your child:


Only sleep when fed to sleep?

Need a dummy to get to sleep … but also need it replacing countless times through the night?

Require you to rock, bounce, hold or pat them to sleep … leaving you to attempt the risky SLOW transfer to the cot, and the chance of re-waking them?

Take ages to get to sleep?

Wake multiple times a night?

Wake too early in the morning?

Need to bedshare with you to get them back to sleep?

Take short naps?

Only take naps on you?

Or require the car or pram for daytime sleep?

Seem tired, grumpy and whingey the majority of the time?

Is the above impacting on your health and family relationships and enjoyment of being a parent?

Do you feel frustrated, exhausted, and desperate for a good night’s sleep?

Do you dread each night? Praying to the sleep gods to “let tonight be the night?”

Are you wondering how you will ever cope when you go back to work?

Is the thought of how someone else is going to get your little one to sleep whilst you’re at work stressing you out?

Have you another baby on the way and need their sibling’s sleep to improve before he/she arrives?

Had you planned for another baby, but your partner is camping out in another room and you are finding it impossible to imagine how you would cope with another?

Are you overwhelmed with all the contradictive advice out there on the internet and from well-meaning friends and family?

Do you know what needs to change but you’ve no idea how to break your baby’s sleep habits?

Have you tried to make changes to their sleep but had to abandoned?

Do you feel like your only “surviving” day to day?


I have been there! I completely understand. I make no judgements either because I had a baby just like this and I felt these exact same frustrations when I experienced them too.


It does not have to be this way.


You can change this.


It’s important to make these changes too. Babies who don’t sleep well become toddlers and adults who don’t sleep well. The older they are when you start to make changes in their sleep, the more resistance to the changes you will meet. Poor sleep is linked to lower IQ’s, being overweight, a propensity to hyperactivity and having poor attention spans.

Conversely, good quality sleep positively affects children’s growth, immunity, learning and development as well as memory making and their general wellbeing and happiness.

It’s worth investing in their sleep now, to reap the benefits for them and you as soon as possible. The most common thing I get told once families have independent sleepers is … “why didn’t I do this sooner!”


Would you like:


To move your child to their own room?

A 30-miunte or less, simple relaxing bedtime routine that eliminates bedtime battles?

Having the option to share the bedtime routine and to have nights off when needed?

For your little one to drift off to sleep independently without fuss?

That they sleep 10-12 hours happily in their room at night?

The option of napping contently at home for long restful without you?

Consistency and predictability in your day and night?

Time in the day to plan, run your household … or your business, or just have a rest or take part in some self-care whilst your baby naps?

To enjoy the happiness of a child who gets the right amount of sleep?

To feel like “you” again? Reinvoke the joy back into your life, and have some time to enjoy the things that make you smile?

To enjoy time together uninterrupted in the evening with your partner?

To confidently be able to book a date night, or a night away? Yes really!

To claim back ownership of your bed (or share it with your partner once again)?

To have the opportunity for a full night of quality sleep yourself?

To start to think about adding to your family?

Feel able to return to work and perform to your full potential?

Have energy to go for that promotion, or start up that business you’ve dreamed of but have been too ground down to attempt?

This sounds extraordinary, but the results I see are really that amazing. You can absolutely achieve these things after a short space of time to establish healthy sleep habits. Be reassured. It may get more challenging but it is never too late to help a child to sleep well.

You’re probably thinking this sounds too far-fetched, that your child’s sleep is beyond help, and I won’t be able to help.

Be reassured … I can.

I can help you to transform your life!

I have the solutions to improve, and help you relax in regards to your baby’s sleep.

Why am I so sure?

I help people do this every day!

If you follow your plan, you will see the results: 100%


All parents think THEIR baby will be the exception to the rule, that they will not respond, but they always do … and their parents are so delighted and very proud of them when they see the transformation. It’s a joy to see the emerging of their sleep skills, how the baby’s embrace their newfound ability, and the difference it makes to the everyday of that family’s life.

I remember that very feeling when it happened to us, and it delights me when I see the exact same thing for my clients. I get just as excited as you when they sleep through for the first time ever!

Don’t believe me?

See my past client reviews… they didn’t either. They have all been in yours shoes wondering if what I’m saying is possible, if it’s really that life altering. They found it was. They were thrilled by the improvements seen when the implemented the changes I suggested.

How would I help you?

I would find out all about your personal sleep situation and your individual child by your answers to my sleep questionnaire

I then create a plan just for your family based on what you answer including the tools to transform your youngsters sleep.

We would then have an hour call where I educate you around sleep, discuss what changes I suggesting and why, and then talk you through the plan step by step. You’d be guiding through how to handle bedtime, night wakes, early mornings, nap times and short naps. If you’re requiring a night feed to be kept in, I can absolutely accommodate this into the plan too. You can still dramatically improve a baby’s sleep and still feed during the night.

I also offer advice on where to place your feeds and meals, and we work on finding your child’s “sweet spot” in relation to awake time prior to sleep. This helps to ensure your little one is tired enough to get sleep easily and stay asleep long enough for the sleep they need, but without hitting overtiredness (the arch enemy of sleep!).

I would support you over the 2-3 weeks whilst you’re implementing the plan … this is the key to success!

I analyse the sleep logs you fill in daily and advise on day to day planning and tweaks required if that’s the case. All children respond differently to making changes with their sleep. I can explain what to expect, and equally with a trained eye, spot when adjustments are required. This means progress occurs quickly and reduces unnecessary upset for you and your baby.

We book in calls to discuss progress and ensure you’re happy with each step and ensure you’re ready for what’s ahead.

There’s no guess work for you. I create you a comprehensive plan that uses proven techniques, and you just follow it. You’d have unlimited email support during your package. There are always questions that pop into your head as you’re navigating this transition … and you have me right there to answer them. This eliminates the internal chat and second guessing yourself that comes when you try this solo. It frees up your time to concentrate on implementing the plan.

Once you have completed your package with me, I then provide you with all the continuation information you need to maintain your child’s sleep skills whilst undertaking milestones yet to come. These include:

-Transitioning to 2 naps, to 1 nap or no naps

-Tips on combatting early morning wake ups

-How to handle illness

-Travel tips for holidays

-Ways to deal with daylight savings

-Going to nursery after sleep training

-Moving to a big kid bed – when and how

Then you can all relax around sleep – bliss!


Choosing to help my little girl learn to sleep independently was THE best parenting decision I’ve made to date.

If you’re struggling with your little one’s sleep, and you want to make positive changes for them and you, then get in touch … I’d LOVE the opportunity to help you. Email, text, or press the “contact me” to arrange a free 15-minute call to see if and how I could help you.


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Choose One Of Our Packages

Bespoke plans for your individual child

Your success doesn’t just come from your individual plan, it’s from the detailed, personalised follow up you receive during the change.

I work alongside your wishes, and I meet your baby where they’re at. If you’re taking a gentler approach, navigating a sleep transition during our time working together, or your baby is taking longer to fully grasp the skills … that’s ok. I have absolute faith in your baby and will support for longer you until you do too.

This support was the key to being awarded a winner in the LUXE Life Parent and Baby Awards 2019.

  • Gift of Sleep

    • 5-12 month
    • £355
    • A free preliminary evaluation
    • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
    • Daily reviews of your sleep logs over two weeks with advice if required to encourage quicker progress
    • Four support calls to use over the package
    • Unlimited email queries during the two week package
    • Guidance documents to maintain your child’s independent sleep after we have finished
  • Find out more

  • Gift of Sleep PLUS

    • 12 months +
    • £390
    • A free preliminary evaluation
    • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
    • Daily reviews of your sleep logs over 3 weeks with advice if required to encourage quicker progress
    • Four support calls to use over the package
    • Unlimited email queries during the three week package
    • Guidance documents to maintain your child’s independent sleep after we have finished
  • Find out more

Most families find my 2-3 weeks of phone and email support work perfectly to transform your littles sleep and that’s why the “gift of sleep” options are my two most popular packages.

Other people find that first night of making changes daunting, preferring the reassurance of having me in person for guidance in real time by my “Hold my hand” packages with half or whole night support provided. See our Services page of the website for more information about these.

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