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Mum, Midwife and Sleep Consultant

Hi, I’m Lynsey, a child sleep consultant who helps sleep deprived families to get their children sleeping through the night and napping well in the day, to bring some sanity back into the household.

I live in Lancashire with my husband Paraic, daughter Mabel and our miniature schnauzer dog Ben.

I have always loved sleep … and always had plenty of it! Even as a midwife working night shifts. That was until my little girl came along. This was when I understood the true worth of a good night’s sleep. Mabel struggled with to stretch out her night-time sleep and it took longer to get her to take a nap than the nap itself ever lasted – exasperating!

I had expected this to begin with, but after 8 months … and with no improvements I was deteriorating fast both physically and mentally. The crippling effects of sleep deprivation were taking over and it was having a negative impact on the enjoyment of being a parent. I was also worried about the long-term effects this poor sleep would have on Mabel.

After implementing the subtle changes, in the correct order at the right time that I have now used with many families … the results were profound. Our whole household was transformed by deep restful sleep (even the dogs).

The “fog” lifted, and I finally had the energy to be fully engaged with, and to start enjoying being a mum during our awake time together with my now much happier baby. I also could start planning for returning to work as a midwife as I couldn’t see how I was going to do that before.

Soon after I went to train in America to learn how to support other families duplicate the benefits we had seen by developing great sleep skills in your children. “Flutterby Sleep Consultancy” was born.

It excites me to help people end suffering that is completely unnecessary. To let people know that there are solutions.

It can be challenging initially and somewhat of a roller coaster. It can be just too lengthy and overwhelming if trying it alone. Some couples just can’t agree on a plan to move forward, and it helps to have a mediator to guide you through each step of the way.

The main value in using an expert is that you see changes faster with the least amount of upset for you and your child.

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Your success doesn’t just come from your individual plan, it’s from the detailed, personalised follow up you receive during the change.

I work alongside your wishes, and I meet your baby where they’re at. If you’re taking a gentler approach, navigating a sleep transition during our time working together, or your baby is taking longer to fully grasp the skills … that’s ok. I have absolute faith in your baby and will support for longer you until you do too.

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