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Hi, I’m Lynsey, a child sleep consultant. I can help you transform your little one’s sleep, so you can go from sleep deprived and shattered to feeling rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, and enjoying family life fully. If you would like to know how I could help you, schedule a free 15-minute appointment call with me:



Past client reviews describe the impact and value of our working together for your family: 


“What Lynsey did was small subtle changes, done in the correct order at the right time. It didn’t feel like anything major and our little one certainly didn’t seem to care, but the effect was profound. She sleeps!!” Gavin.


“We needed a clear plan that we could commit to together and it did exactly that. The attention to detail provided is superb.” David.


“The girls sleep independently and even smile when we put them down to sleep! They wake up happy well rested girls! Lynsey not only knows her stuff and resolved our issues within days but she is an absolute pleasure to deal with! She is friendly, understanding, bubbly and really brought us through the process and was always there if we had queries or needed extra support.” Suzanne.


“We had experienced little to no success with so many other sleep programmes and suggestions in the past, that I was quite sceptical about this programme before our initial contact with Lynsey. How wrong was I?! The direct phone calls really helped boost our confidence.” Jimmy


When someone mentioned lynsey and how she could help us it all sounded too good to be true. Fast forward two weeks and we put Harry in his bed,he snuggles up in his cot and goes off to sleep! He’s happier as he’s not constantly tired, we’re happier because we don’t have a whiny overtired baby and so the whole household is in a better place. Don’t hesitate. She’s amazing. Caz


“Now I can actually enjoy the rest of my maternity leave and my husband looks forward to finishing work & spending time with the twins & putting them to bed. In addition we can actually look forward to any future staycations without fretting about how or if the girls will sleep.” Tina.


Why Independent Sleep Matters:

I support you to give your child the skill of independent sleep. Once they can sleep independently in their cot they no longer require you to help them get to sleep.

  • The transition into sleep becomes easy and quick
  • Night wakes disappear
  • Naps are relaxed and they can extend in length. 

You no longer spend the day consumed by sleep (trying to get them to sleep, to extend sleep, worrying about their lack of sleep, and the dread of the next upcoming nap or bedtime).

I support you so sleep no longer rules your life.


As your sleep consultant:

I help you to increase the opportunity for quality and quantity of sleep… for you and your little one. 

You open up time, energy and freedom in your day. This means that you move from simply surviving day to day, to thriving. 

You can all enjoy more fun and happiness together as a family.



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Is hiring a sleep consultant the best decision for you?


The benefit of working together with a sleep consultant is that I find out about your specific situation, and make suggestions to the adjustments required to achieve independent sleep. 


You get the tools and solutions for you to positively impact your little one’s sleep.  


I support parents, one-on-one, and virtually, which means I work with people locally and internationally. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, a working parent, if you are formula feeding or breastfeeding your baby.


It could be your first baby, or your fourth, or you could be a mum or dad of a singleton, or multiples.


You all have a common problem … your baby is not sleeping well or easily and you want a solution, and without having to resort to  “Cry it out.”


That’s the problem I help to solve for you and your family with my packages via intensive individualised guidance and support.



Introducing myself:


I have always loved sleep, and nothing (not even being a midwife, or working night shifts), prepared me for the negative impact that sleep deprivation had on my wellbeing and health. The reality of parenthood was far removed from the anticipation!  


My baby was not like my friends. 


Her sleep did not improve when everyone assured me it would as she got older. Her night wake ups were getting closer together, and it took longer to get her to take a nap than the nap lasted! 


It impacted my enjoyment of being a mum, and I worried about the long-term effects the inadequate and fragmented sleep would have on her health and development. 


Allowing my daughter to learn how to sleep was THE best parenting decision I have made to date. It can be for you too. To find solutions to end unnecessary suffering for her and myself has been one of my greatest contributions to our story.


I have spent years now learning, refining and mastering my skills to support you to get your children sleeping through the night in the kindest and quickest way I can.


I know the pitfalls to warn you to avoid, the trends to spot to know when changes are required, and what tweaks give the most impactful improvements. 


I am as excited as you when your little one shows what they can achieve when you have faith in your plan, and them, and trust in their ability to sleep well. 


Get in touch if you wish to see just how amazing your baby’s sleep could be using a customised sleep solution for your family.

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Bespoke plans for your individual child

Your success doesn’t just come from your individual plan, it’s from the detailed, personalised follow up you receive during the change.

I work alongside your wishes, and I meet your baby where they’re at. If you’re taking a gentler approach, navigating a sleep transition during our time working together, or your baby is taking longer to fully grasp the skills … that’s ok. I have absolute faith in your baby and will support for longer you until you do too.

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