Your child can sleep all night

And so can you!


I feel all families deserve a good night’s sleep!

To achieve this, I use the gentlest way I can to get your child sleeping independently using The Sleep Sense™ Program.

The Sleep Sense™ Program

The Sleep Sense™ Program was created by sleep expert Dana Obleman. She has been working with parents since 2003, and has helped over 60,000 people with strategies for overcoming sleep difficulties in infants. Her program stresses the importance of letting children learn independent sleep skills to enable deep and restful sleep – which in turn leads to healthy, happy, and well children.

We all have a “journey” to sleep every night with a routine and cues to encourage sleep – it has become automatic to us, but babies and children need to learn this skill. The bespoke plan I create for you and your child will teach your children this process for themselves. That way, when they rouse in the night, they have the skills to get back to sleep quickly before fully waking. They then carry these skills forward and perpetuate great sleep into adulthood: what a fantastic gift – for them and you and your partner!

The advice out there is vast, and ranges from extremes of “cry it out” to “attachment parenting.” All the conflicting advice is overwhelming for parents. Some of these ideas may work for some babies but a “one size fits all” advice doesn’t apply to children.

My approach to improving your child’s sleep is simple, but tailored to your child and parenting styles so you feel comfortable with the plan, and you can commit to implementing it consistently. The key to success is then sticking to the plan, as keeping changing the focus is confusing, and unfair to babies.

Will my baby cry?

Honestly, probably.

Babies cry at lots of things, it’s the best strategy they have to get what they want. It doesn’t matter how old they are – it will always tug at your heartstrings.

My definition of “cry it out” method is putting your child down awake, shutting the door and leaving them until morning. I wouldn’t feel comfortable using that technique with my own child and certainly wouldn’t expect you to either.

As I said before, I will never ask you to leave your child alone to cry if that is not something that feels right to you, or ask you to ignore your baby’s cries.

The crying is a protest (and the more “spirited” your baby, the more possible crying is). They are just stating their objection to a change, to a new sleep routine, and not having their usual “props” to fall asleep. We are all protective of our sleeping environment. Making a change to anyone’s current sleep setting will be met with some protest, the same is true for your child. Once they gain the skills to bring on sleep independently, it will resolve.

The methods I use minimise crying as you’re there to support your child. When you put it in perspective, without learning the skill of independent sleep, many areas of a child’s life maybe detrimentally affected by continued poor quality sleep. A few days of protest, that won’t last, is worth the effort, for you and your child to be rewarded with years of healthy, rejuvenating and consolidated sleep.


Lucy P

Without a doubt the best thing I have ever done it has transformed all of our lives, relationships & most importantly Oliver!

Lucy P


We have just finished this course and are amazed.



Our 10 months old daughter was happy before but now she is even happier and thriving.



We have just finished a course with Lynsey and it has been nothing short of life changing.



I honestly think this is the best money we have ever spent!



It is tough but so worth it! We are so grateful and happy!!!



From the second night on the programme she has slept in her own cot for 11 – 12 hours every night since.



My 7 month old son Jacob can now sleep for 12 hours straight.


Lucy M

It has been amazing and a life changer.

Lucy M


All I can say is life changing after the first night. Don’t think about it, just go for this service.


Before partaking on the sleep training course I was a little dubious as to whether it would work. If you are like me and not sure please don’t give it another second thought – SIGN UP.


I couldn’t recommend Lynsey more highly!!


Sophie has made huge steps in her development which we are convinced is down to sleeping well


We have are evenings back. We are relaxed. Lynsey has given us the tools to support our babies to be happy and content in their cots. She really is a sleep guru and our entire family can’t thank her enough.


We met Lynsey and everything changed! Nighttime is no longer something we dread


The best decision I’ve ever made!


We now have a much happier and well rested household


I thought I had a happy baby before but she has come on leaps and bounds now she is getting the sleep she needs


We now have FULL NIGHTS SLEEP each night and that is priceless!

Amy L

Lynsey is an absolute expert when it comes to all things sleep, specifically, getting my 19 month old breastfed baby to sleep through within TWO NIGHTS


I read the reviews on this page, and actually thought no way! They can’t be real! They really are! I’ve got my life back. Lynsey is honestly a miracle worker, I’ll be forever grateful.


We were completely broken. I only wish we had been introduced to Lynsey sooner. It feels like getting our life back again.


The whole household is now well rested and I can enjoy the rest of my maternity leave with both my boys without feeling like a zombie!

Kim H

Lynsey has been amazing, supportive, and ultimately changed everything for us


Our lives have been transformed and without any pain or suffering! Thank you for your calm, efficient and very caring service


I have to admit that when might wife said she was paying for a sleep consultant, I was sceptical. I thought it would be a waste of money. I was wrong, so wrong. The effect was profound.


This experience with Lynsey has literally changed mine and my little ones life


For anyone who is struggling – this is the answer!


Having Lynsey there to offer support and encouragement was priceless


Lynsey is so warm, knowledgeable and supportive. She replied to all emails really promptly with such encouragement, and gave us confidence in our parenting abilities. This was the best thing we have done for our family.

Jenny CB

My husband said he couldn’t understand why we waited for 16 months to do this… If you are sleep deprived, just give Lynsey a shout!


I have a well rested baby who can sleep independently without any fuss. This is absolutely priceless!


Thank you thank you thank you. I am just so glad we took the plunge. We are all a lot of happier for it.

Kathryn F

The transformation was incredible! The support we received was fantastic. The steps we needed to take were clear and straightforward, we now have a much happier baby and can’t ask for more. Thank you Lynsey! 😀


We could see the difference after only a number of days. Highly recommended.


We often say that calling you was the best thing we ever did. It has changed our lives and our experience of parenting.


We haven’t looked back! Best thing we’ve done and not just for the boys sleep but for their development, and for ours!

Jess and Paul

I was very reluctant to use a sleep trainer however it was the best thing we’ve ever done. It really is amazing the difference in such a short time.

3 months to 18 months

Gift of Sleep
  • A free preliminary evaluation
  • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
  • Sleep logs to complete and see your progress
  • Four follow up telephone calls in the first week (15 minutes)
  • Email support for the next week
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18 months upwards

Gift of sleep Plus
  • A free preliminary evaluation
  • An hour’s consultation phone call and bespoke sleep plan for your child
  • Sleep logs to complete and see your progress
  • Four follow up telephone calls in the first week (15 minutes)
  • Email support for the next two weeks
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