Lucy P

I hadn’t had a full nights sleep for 11months, my son (second child) Oliver was the most inconsistent baby you could imagine- the opposite to his big sister & I got to the point where I was exhausted both physically & mentally, he could barely be left with anyone other than me or his dad because he was always out of sorts & very clingy…then we started his sleep training, without a doubt the best thing I have ever done, it has transformed all of our lives, relationships & most importantly Oliver! I am frustrated we didn’t do this early! I think especially when you are a second, third, forth, etc time mum you think ‘you know what your doing’ but each child is different & I wasn’t ashamed to admit I needed help! Lynsey has been amazing!!!! From waking a minimum of 3 times a night for feeds & the rest & having rubbish naps he consistently sleeps a solid 12hours at night & naps for 3hours a day. (31st July 2018)

Lucy P


We have just finished this course and are amazed with how well this has worked. Our son, Jamie, is now 18 months and would take hours to get to bed on a night, even with cuddling him to sleep and then be up several times over night. With another baby on the way we needed to do something so were so happy when we won a voucher for this course.
We were unsure going into this but Jamie is now going to sleep happily on his own in his cot and sleeping through the night. He’s also having one 3 hour nap in the day and is so much happier as he’s not spending most of the day grumpy and tired.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in need or more sleep! (6th June 2018).



Lynsey was wonderful right from the start, she knew what we were going through and understood our needs/frustrations. In 10 days we had a daughter that slept 10 hours at night, AMAZING. I would highly recommend using Lynsey if you have a baby that will not sleep well for naps or at night. Thank you Lynsey for giving us sleep again and getting back to normality. Our 10 months old daughter was happy before but now she is even happier and thriving. (18th May 2018)



We have just finished a course with Lynsey and it has been nothing short of life changing. Our son would awake at least 4/5 times a night to feed as he was too tired to fall asleep on his own. No matter what we tried he would not settle until he was fed, no other type of soothing would work.
It got to the point where Finn was having well over the quantity of milk he should have been having but we had no idea what to do instead of the night feeds.
Lynsey explained that Finn was using the night feeds and other props to fall asleep and gave us the skills needed to break this habit and set up a soothing bedtime routine. Within a few nights he was sleeping from roughly 7pm-5am. A huge improvement!
Since he has been getting the sleep he so desperately needed he has come along leaps and bounds. After a few days he was noticeably more alert, active and picking up new skills with ease. And as parents who now get to sleep we can now keep up with him.
Thank you so much Lynsey for your help and support. We will be certain to recommend you to our friends and family xx (20th February 2018).



I honestly think this is the best money we have ever spent! Our baby is nearly 9 months old and, after a couple of months of initially sleeping quite well, things had deteriorated to the extent that she was getting half the amount of sleep she should have been, not napping during the day, and waking up to 7 or 8 times a night (and then sometimes refusing to go back to sleep for hours). My poor wife was in bits from the lack of sleep and constant breastfeeding demands and the rest of the family was suffering too. Lynsey turned everything around in just 3 or 4 days. I think she might have some sort of magical powers. I just didn’t think we could have a baby that was sleeping through the night in less than a week. It’s no exaggeration to say that our lives have been transformed. THANK YOU. (27th October 2017)



Utterly amazing! We were desperate for some sleep and some time from rocking to sleep, but Lynsey gave us the means to do this! It is tough but so worth it! We are so grateful and happy!!! ( 27th October 2017)



My 9 month old daughter would not sleep in her cot and bed shared with me constantly. From the second night on the programme she has slept in her own cot for 11 – 12 hours every night since. (3rd October 2017)



My 7 month old son Jacob can now sleep through the night not just 5/6 hours but 12 hours straight, in his own bedroom, without us rocking, nursing or praying for him to go to sleep and stay asleep! He also naps in there twice a day. This is all down to Lynsey.

Before the sleep training started Jacob would not be put in his cot awake, co-slept and woke every two hours to be nursed back to sleep. He only napped if he was pushed in his pram and woke if the pram stopped moving or I made a noise! He had never self settled…ever! I was absolutely at breaking point and could not cope, this situation was seriously impacting my wellbeing. I had read all the books, spoken to everyone etc etc. I did not know what to do.

I needed someone to tell me exactly what to do and Lynsey did this and supported us throughout the two weeks of training. On the first day I was still doubtful. I still thought my baby is different, his challenges too much (allergies, reflux etc), his sleep habits too engrained, but his first nap he slept 2.5hrs longer than ever before. By night 3 he slept 9 hrs straight and then kept improving until night 10 when he slept 12 hrs straight! We were overjoyed and had a champagne breakfast!

Yes there were some tears along the way and sometimes still are but we are all happier and healthier for it . We would have never have got here without Lynsey, I needed one to one advice and instruction as we wouldn’t have had faith it was possible without her.

If you are also struggling, this is something well worth trying!” (Sept 24th 2017)


Lucy M

We have just finished the sleep training course with our 8 month old and it has been amazing and a life changer. It’s the first time I have had a full nights sleep since before birth, and I have also got my baby napping in her cot in the day too. My baby previously would co sleep and feed about 5 times through the night, and would have to be rocked in the day or taken out in a pram to have a nap. At the same time I also finished breastfeeding and the two together coincided perfectly. It is just great to have Lynsey there to give you the tools and the confidence to sleep train your baby. I would highly recommend Lynsey. (3rd May 2018)

Lucy M


“We hired Lynsey to help us sleep train our twin girls who are 10 months old. Neither would self sooth, we’re demanding bottles through the night, napped for 20mins at a time, dummies were our enemy. We literally were popping them back in constantly. I counted 15 times one night on top of 6 feeds :(.

All I can say is life changing after the first night. Don’t think about it, just go for this service. The girls now sleep from 7pm to 6am. Nap like champs, no bottles and no dummies. We actually now can sleep ourselves and eat together at night. Thank you lynsey for everything. we couldn’t have survived without u xxxx” (29th August 2018).


“Prior to starting the sleep training course with Lynsey our twin girls would wake numerous times through the night demanding bottles and their soothers to be put back in. Also nap times were a nightmare, they would not nap without us in bed with them and their naps could last only 20 mins!!
From the very first night of sleep training that all changed, they slept 11 hours without having to get up and now nap twice a day for up to 2 hours.
It’s been a game changer to us. Lynsey was brilliant from start to finish, providing support and answering questions whenever needed. Before partaking on the sleep training course I was a little dubious as to whether it would work. If you are like me and not sure please don’t give it another second thought – SIGN UP.” (8th September 2018).


“We have just finished our course – I couldn’t recommend Lynsey more highly!! Previously, Martha, 7 months, was waking up several times a night and would never nap in her cot. Now she is enjoying 2 lovely naps a day and sleeps through the night. It is so lovely to get a bit of time to ourselves in the evenings and everyone in the house is much more rested!” (5th October 2018)



We have just finished this course and can honestly say it’s changed our lives. Sophie, who is nine months, was fed or rocked to sleep for naps and at bedtime. She would wake during the night at least once, often four or five times, only returning to sleep if we rocked or fed her. After the first night she slept until 06:10 and subsequently has slept through the night. Best of all there has been no leaving her to cry without comfort and she is also taking regular naps during the day. Sophie has made huge steps in her development which we are convinced is down to sleeping well.

Sophie is happier, more engaged with the world around her and has parents who are not utterly exhausted! Lynsey has been amazing throughout, answering all our questions thoroughly and supporting us along the way. (11th October 2018)


“If you are exhausted and have a baby who is not sleeping and you want a gentle, supportive way to help your baby to learn to sleep, then please contact Flutterby. Having been completely sleep deprived for almost a year and coming out the other side, I want everyone to know how much better it can be. I have just finished a course with flutterby sleep consultancy and it has benefited every aspect of our family life. my twin girls are 10 months and both my husband and I were getting about 4 hours sleep a night. After 10 months of little and broken sleep we had finally reached our limit. Family life just wasn’t that enjoyable, we were just surviving to get through each day. Evening times were stressful and bed times were dragged out for hours as I would run up and down the stairs to breastfeed a baby, put a dummy in or rock to sleep. That first night of the programme, was amazing, the girls went to sleep without much fuss. No dummies, no feeding to sleep, no white noise, no rocking back to sleep every 20mins. We have are evenings back. We are relaxed. I enjoy spending time with my babies and 3 year old, I have energy for them. Lynsey has given us the tools to support our babies to be happy and content in their cots. Lynsey has been so supportive during this whole process, a real life line. She really is a sleep guru and our entire family can’t thank her enough.” (13th October 2018)


We’ve just finished our course with Lynsey and we’re just blown away by the results! Our little boy is now 8 months old and has waking 5+ times in the night since birth, we were totally exhausted and overwhelmed with what else we could do to try get some sleep. Then we met lynsey and everything changed! Nighttime is no longer something we dread, it’s a chance for us to relax knowing everyone is getting the sleep they need! We couldn’t recommend Lynsey highly enough! (30th October 2018)


After trying several different methods to get my 8 month old to sleep through the night, I was reluctant to try another program. I put my trust in Lynsey and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made! He now sleeps through the night and has a napping routine in the day which works for all of us, his development is thriving and is so much happier. Not to mention mummy and daddy have our lives back after months of no sleep!

Thank you Lynsey for teaching us skills for life 🙂 (28th November 2018)


I highly recommend Lynsey! Our 9 month old was waking up several times a night needing her dummy and having half an hour naps throughout the day and with Lynsey’s help, she is now sleeping 7-7 without a dummy and having lots more rest and longer naps during the day! We now have a much happier and well rested household and couldn’t thank her enough. (15/01/19)


When we first contacted Lynsey our little girl (then 5.5 months) was waking 3-4 x per night and I was exhausted. She had a very strong feed to sleep association and her napping was terrible/non-existent. I was so tired, I was stuck in a cycle of just getting through every day, too tired to research or change anything. Then I contacted Lynsey. From the first phone call, I just knew she would be able to help us as she was ‘my type of person.’ Our little girl needed to learn some independent sleep skills and Lynsey set up a very thorough and logical plan to get us there. We felt fully supported through the process and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Since embarking on the plan, we only feed our daughter once in the night (which was the aim,) we put her down for all sleeps awake and her naps have improved too! I thought I had a happy baby before but she has come on leaps and bounds now she is getting the sleep she needs. We’ve had a few challenges since making our sleep changes such as a cold and also dropping the afternoon nap but Lynsey has been really supportive and helped us get back on track. Could not recommend Lynsey enough. (25/01/19)


“Lynsey has been amazing!! From the off she was so calm and friendly and put us at ease. She listened to our issues that we had with our 10 month old daughters sleep and created a plan bespoke to those and to Katie herself. She explained it step by step and was very honest about the obstacles we may encounter and that it would be tough but worth it. And my goodness was she right!! After a tough first night, Katie slept through the second and third night and we thought we had cracked it straight away. However, Lynsey warmed us Katie may just throw us a curve ball and she really did!! The rest of that first week was really tough I’m not going to lie. Katie really tested us and wanted to make sure that this new routine was for keeps – BUT we kept to the plan and after much guidance and reassurance from Lynsey it all just clicked and Katie has now slept a full 11 to 12 hours per night for the last two weeks. We still have things to tweek and things to learn along the way but we have come so far from where we were a month ago and after previously being up every couple of hours or do in the night we now have FULL NIGHTS SLEEP each night and that is priceless!! We now have a happy little baby as well as a rested and happy mummy, daddy and big sister and we honestly can’t thank Lynsey enough and can’t recommend her any more highly xxxxxxx” (18th April 2019)

Amy L

Lynsey is an absolute expert when it comes to all things sleep, specifically, getting my 19 month old breastfed baby who had never slept through the night to sleep through within TWO NIGHTS. I literally could not believe it! This is probably the best money I have ever spent. I now have enough energy to put into spending time with her in the day, and her nursery have commented on how cheerful and bubbly she now is. My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier. Lynsey, you are AMAZING, thank you for all your help and support at every step along the path. (9th May 2019)


I came across Lynsey’s page after spending another evening searching google desperately for help with getting my baby to sleep! I was at my Whitt’s end! My 9 month old was waking hourly all night long , sometimes 2/3 times an hour! Had a dummy constantly and was still having at least 2 milk feeds a night. After contacting Lynsey , we spent a good 45 minutes talking about my expectations and to hear someone tell me it didn’t have to be like this was music to my ears – although I was still super skeptical! I read the reviews on this page, and actually thought no way! They can’t be real! But now I’m on the other side-they really are! I won’t say it’s easy because it’s not but it’s most definitely worth it! I’ve now got a baby who has proper naps in the day, no dummy , no night time feeds and sleeps all night long!! I really feel like I’ve got my life back and can spend some well needed time with my 7 year old. Lynsey is honestly a miracle worker, so supportive and really gets it! Emails calls and texts regularly, she couldn’t have come at a better time and I’ll be forever greatful for her help and support! (13th May 2019)


With Lynsey’s support we have managed to get our 2 year old to sleep through the night, our eldest son was also a terrible sleeper, so for 5 years we have been extremely sleep deprived. I often hear of young kids waking multiple times a night, but our youngest use to be wide awake for blocks of 3-4 hours every night, we were completely broken. I only wish we had been introduced to Lynsey sooner. It feels like getting our life back again and we can’t thank her enough for being so calm, encouraging and full of useful advice. (15th May 2019)


We contacted Lynsey about our troublesome 8 month old who still woke three times a night to feed and only ever had 30 minute cat naps throughout the day! We needed to do something but I did not have the energy! Lynsey was so supportive and honest about possible challenges or set backs along the way which meant we went into our two weeks feeling well informed and prepared for anything Toby would throw at us! Well, he slept through from the 3rd night – 11 hours!!!! And from day one, had 2 hour naps!! We couldn’t believe how quickly things changed. Toby was happier and more content and began to really get into weaning which had been slow and fractious from the start. The whole household is now well rested and I can enjoy the rest of my maternity leave with both my boys without feeling like a zombie! This was the best thing we could have done for Toby and our family and Lynsey was so lovely. What I liked about Lynsey’s ‘programme’ is that it is bespoke to your child and instead of being a ‘sleep training’ approach is more about giving your child the opportunity to find their own way to sleep and it works!!! And quickly!! Thank you so much Lynsey xx” (31st May 2019)

Kim H

When we asked Lynsey for help with our son Spencer we were at the end of our tether. He was 20 months old and still screaming the house down for hours through the night. Bad night after bad night meant we were also struggling to cope at work. Lynsey has been amazing, supportive, and ultimately changed everything for us. Spencer was a tough nut to crack but she never gave up and with her help neither did we! We highly recommend Flutterby Sleep Therapy, we wish we had done it sooner!! Kim & James x (9th June 2019)


We have just finished 2 weeks following Lynsey’s every word to help our 10 month old sleep and all I can say is she is an angel!! We have spent 10 months heavily sleep deprived and read far too many books and programmes that have not made any difference but she had our daughter sleeping through the night in 3 days! Our lives have been transformed and without any pain or suffering! Thank you so much for your calm, efficient and very caring service, we would recommend you anytime! (5th August 2019)


For those of you reading the reviews for reassurance on whether to enlist Lynsey’s services; do it, it is the best thing we have done and it has drastically improved the happiness of our little one, and brought the fun back into our relationship. We now get between 10-11 hours sleep a night, instead of 2! However, I have to admit that when might wife said she was paying for a sleep consultant, I was about as sceptical as you would be if someone said it was “DFS’ last sofa sale”. I thought it would be a waste of money and that babies were babies – some were just bad sleepers. I was wrong, so wrong in fact, that I couldn’t even find a funny analogy for how wrong – perhaps whoever though the whole President Trump thing was a good idea. What Lynsey did was small subtle changes, done in the correct order at the right time. It didn’t feel like anything major and our little one certainly didn’t seem to care, but the effect was profound. She sleeps!! We now have evenings catching up on box-sets with a glass of wine, knowing we won’t need to feed till 6am earliest. We can relax knowing we get a good few hours back to tidy up from the day time. And, importantly, we get time back as a couple to have our own cuddles again. Lynsey is a superstar. (5th August 2019)


This experience with Lynsey has literally changed mine and my little ones life. I was very worried at first as Aiyla was so reliant on me to help her fall asleep,with constant feeds through the night and being rocked. All I can say is I am so glad I took that leap of faith-Lynsey made me feel so reassured and I began to see HUGE changes in Aiyla even from Night one of the sleep training! Thank you so much for all your advice and support Lynsey. Its been amazing! If you are reading this review and are unsure about starting sleep training I would say it will be honestly be one of the best thing you can invest in- I would DEFINATELY recommend working with Lynsey on any sleep issues you might have. (26th August 2019)


Lynsey has the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth, communications have been so easy! The best thing we have done for both ourselves and our daughter has been to put our trust in flutterby sleep consultancy, our quality of life has improved dramatically now our daughter has learned to sleep! I can’t give a big enough heartfelt thanks to Lynsey for all of her guidance and understanding. For anyone who is struggling – this is the answer! (19th September 2019)

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