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How to dress for success for all seasons and temperatures.

I get asked about this a lot in Winter and Heat waves. I’ve created a handy visual guide so you know exactly what to do.

How many layers does your baby need for sleep when it’s 25°C versus 16°C?

Is a sleep bag always required?

If using a sleep bag … what tog is suitable for them at what temperatures?

How to create a sleep sanctuary in 5 steps … so your baby sleeps calmly, comfortably and safely.

My top 5 tips to create the best sleep environment for your little one to sleep soundly (and yours … as these work for adults too!)

The 5 signs of fatigue so you can know exactly when your baby needs to go for a nap.

Could you be trying for a nap too soon or too late and working against your little one's body clock?

This picture sheet will help you understand your baby’s sleepy signs in a Goldilocks approach. What is too early, too late … and just right.

My insider sleep consultant “Cheat Sheet” of awake times and sleep needs depending on age

This can be the “secret ingredient” to great daytime sleep.

Using awake windows and sleep pressure is how you get sleep transitions quick and quiet. See what you I’d expect your little one to manage for their age.

Is it what you are using?

Is it time for an increase or a decrease?

My checklist of why your baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet

What is stopping your little one sleeping longer stretches of sleep?

See the most common reasons I’ve found in my experience.

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One of these changes and documents could be the key to transforming your baby’s sleep.

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